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Tourtalk is a portable short-range wireless system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to an audience. The presenter speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the audience use lightweight receivers to hear the message.


Who we work with

We work with many different types of organisations who use Tourtalk systems for varied applications. Tourtalk systems are used when it is difficult for an individual to communicate to listeners due to noise or distance. Popular uses are:

Tourtalk TT 40-TG24M system

The Tourtalk TT 40-TG24M is a complete tour guide system comprising 1 transmitter with headband microphone (for the presenter), 24 receivers with earphones (for the audience) and a charger ...

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Tourtalk TT 40-TG14H system

The TT 40-TG14H is a complete tour guide system comprising 1 transmitter with lapel microphone (for the presenter), 14 receivers with headphones (for the audience) and a transport case*. A ...

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Tourtalk TT 40-SC2 Case

The Tourtalk TT 40-SC2 transport case securely stores 1 Tourtalk TT 40-T transmitter and 1 Tourtalk TT 40-R receiver with accessories. FeaturesTransmitter/Receiver securing straps 
Delivery Includes1 TT 40-SC2 transport case Technical ...

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What people say about Tourtalk

"Being a little deaf I had been concerned about hearing the commentary in a noisy environment, the personal audio link to the guide made it all clear and understandable. For me this little thing enhanced the whole experience immeasurably."

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"We are very pleased with the feedback that we have had from both customers and members of staff that have now used the Tourtalk system and it has proved extremely beneficial to date.  The sound quality and ease of use is fantastic and it has much improved the professional way in which we present ourselves to our customers when they are visiting our factory."

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