Tourtalk TT 40 Audio Description System

The Tourtalk TT 40 system is ideal for use as a portable audio description system.

An audio description system is used to describe an event to individuals, often partially sighted or blind. The system is perfect for the performing arts such as theatre or dance, or at sporting events. The system can also be used for silent conferences or as a radio aid system to assist people who are hard of hearing.

As the Tourtalk system is completely wireless and requires no installation, it can be set-up quickly anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The system has been designed to be very easy to use and comprises of a transmitter and receivers.

The transmitter has a microphone socket to enable the describer to connect a headband microphone. The describer can then whisper into the microphone so as not to disturb other people in the vicinity. The describer can provide additional commentary of the production e.g. describing body language, expressions and movements. This gives the system users more information about things they might not be able to see, enabling them to visualise the scene and keep up with the action.

Audio description equipment

The system users are issued with a receiver before the event. The user either connects a single earphone (leaving the other ear exposed so they can hear the dialogue/music/atmosphere) or, an inductive neck loop if they are a hearing aid wearer. The user then simply adjusts their volume to a comfortable level. The Tourtalk system can be used very discreetly without disturbing other people.

As the Tourtalk system has multiple channels, up to twelve transmitters can operate within the same area. This enables the system to be used for applications such as language interpretation.

Both the transmitter and receivers have been designed to be very easy to use. Each unit features a channel lock function, which stops the user accidentally changing the channel, and a lanyard so the user doesn’t have to constantly hold it during an event.

A portable charger is built into a transport case that provides protection and storage of the transmitter and receivers between events.

A range of audio description system packages are available.

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