Tourtalk TT 40 FAQ

What is a Tourtalk system?

A Tourtalk system is a portable short range radio system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to listeners. The presenter simply speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the listeners use wireless lightweight receivers to hear the message.

When are Tourtalk systems used?

Tourtalk systems are used when it is difficult to hear a presenter due to noisy surroundings or over distance. It helps keep the audience informed and reduces strain on the presenter’s voice.

Typical examples of use are-

Guided tours in either noisy, or noise sensitive environments e.g. art galleries, museums, near wildlife.
Language interpretation for tours with foreign guests or for international meetings.
Audio description to assist partially sighted or blind people during performing arts or at sporting events.
Hearing support for people who are hard of hearing.
Command training for horse riding and other sports.
....and many more applications.

How easy is the Tourtalk system to use?

The system can be used without any prior experience of the equipment and each system is supplied with a user guide. The system can be set-up within minutes of arriving at a venue. The system handbook can be downloaded here Tourtalk Handbook.

How many systems can be used together?

Up to 12 transmitters can be used within the same environment. There is no limit to the amount of receivers used.

What microphone would best suit my application?

This depends on where and how you intend to use the system. The TT 40-T transmitter is supplied with a TT 40-LM lapel microphone as standard, which is ideal for hands-free use in quiet environments. In noisy environments a TT 40-HM or TT 40-PM directional microphone should be used. The TT 40-HM headband microphone is ideal for hands-free use. The TT 40-PM plug-in microphone enables the transmitter to be easily passed between presenters for interviews, or question and answer sessions.

Each transmitter is also supplied with a TT 40-AI aux-input lead to enable the connection of a device with a headphone socket e.g. iPod or laptop. This can be useful if you want to feed a pre-recorded commentary or background music to enhance your presentation.

Do I need to order batteries separately?

No. Each transmitter and receiver is supplied with a battery. If a TT 40-C charger transport case is purchased, then rechargeable batteries are supplied. If the TT 40-SC2, TT 40-SC15, TT 40-SC30 or TT 40-SC42 transport cases are purchased, then alkaline batteries are supplied.

I can’t see the combination of parts I want, can a custom system be configured to suit my requirements?

Yes. We can prepare a system with whatever combination of parts you require.

Can the Tourtalk system be used in an environment where hearing protection is required?

Yes. The TT 40-HP headphones can be used over ear plugs and the TT 40-SEP / TT 40-EP earphones can be used under ear defenders. Neckband headphones for use with a hard hat, and ear defenders with integrated loudspeakers are also available.

Do I need a licence for the system?

The Tourtalk TT 40 system can be used licence-free anywhere within Europe and some other countries. Please contact us for details if you want to use the system outside Europe.

What is the range of the system?

Up to 60 metres indoors and 120 metres outdoors.

Is there a minimum order on spare parts?


I don’t know what system would best suit my application. Can I speak to a sales adviser?

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and prepare a no obligation quotation.

Can I trial a system before I buy?

Yes. Please contact us via the contact form and we will send you a request form. Alternatively, you could rent a system.

Are trade prices available for re-sellers?

Yes. Please contact us for verification details.

What is the guarantee on the system?

36 Months for the transmitter, receiver and charger transport case. See the guarantee page for more details.