Tourtalk TT 40 Silent Conference System

The Tourtalk TT 40 silent conference system is ideal for corporate events or conference centres, where separate breakout group meetings can be held within the same room without disturbing each other.

Examples of use

Product Launches

International product launches, where the audience can choose to either listen to the presenters on the stage, or in their native language via simultaneous interpreters.


Lectures in noisy exhibition halls where the lecturer doesn’t have to compete with the background noise. The audience can hear the presentation with crystal clear audio, enabling them to concentrate on what is being said and not be distracted by external noise.

Staff training in Public spaces

Staff training in a public space, where the trainer doesn’t want other people overhearing what is being said.

Meetings in noise sensitive areas

A team meeting in a noise-sensitive area e.g. a museum or gallery, where the manager needs to speak to members of staff without disturbing other people in the vicinity.

How it works

A wireless silent conference system comprises of a transmitter and receivers.

A transmitter is used to transmit the audio signal, either from a microphone or by the venue’s sound system. The audio is then transmitted to the receivers.

Each audience member is issued with a receiver before the event. The receiver is set to the same channel as the transmitter. The audience member simply connects headphones to the receiver and adjusts their personal volume to a comfortable level.

Several transmitters can be used within the same area to enable multiple audio feeds within the meeting e.g. Simultaneous interpreters translating the speeches into different languages, or to permit several separate meetings within the same room. There is no limit to the amount of receivers that can be used.

The Tourtalk TT 40 system can also be used as a silent commentary system at sporting events e.g. snooker, or as a referee microphone to enable the spectators to keep up with the action.

A wide range of accessories are available for the Tourtalk TT 40 system including microphones, ear phones, storage cases and chargers.

A range of silent conference system packages are available.

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