Tourtalk TT 40 Simultaneous Interpretation System

A Tourtalk system is ideal for use as a portable simultaneous interpretation system. As the system is completely wireless and no installation is necessary, it can be used indoors and outdoors. The system can be set-up within minutes of arriving at a venue, and can accommodate up to twelve different interpreters (languages).

With a wide range of accessories available, the system can be configured to suit many applications. Here are just a few examples-

Example 1 - Simultaneous interpretation for an international conference

Each interpreter has a headband microphone connected to a Tourtalk transmitter (each set to a unique channel). Each interpreter listens to the presenter (floor language) and whispers the translated message.

For each delegate to hear the translated message in their language, they simply plug-in a single earphone into a Tourtalk receiver and select the appropriate channel. They can then adjust their volume to a comfortable level without disturbing other delegates.

As each interpreter can whisper into their headband microphone, interpreter’s booths are not necessary.

Example 2 - Simultaneous interpretation for a factory tour with foreign visitors

The presenter has a headband microphone connected to a Tourtalk transmitter (set to a unique channel).

The interpreter listens to the presenter by using a single earphone* connected to a Tourtalk receiver (set to the same channel as the presenter’s transmitter). The interpreter then translates the presenter’s message into a headband microphone connected to a Tourtalk transmitter (set to a different channel).

Each member of the tour simply connects a single earphone* to a Tourtalk receiver and selects the appropriate channel. They can choose to either hear the presenter or (if a foreign visitor) the interpreter.

In this scenario all the participants benefit from the system, as the presenter doesn’t have to shout to compete with noisy machinery, and the tour group can adjust their own volume to a comfortable level. As the system is completely wireless, the tour group is free to walk around the entire facility.

*If hearing protection is required, then either a single earphone can be used under existing ear defenders, headphones can be used over ear plugs, or ear defenders with integrated loudspeakers can be worn. Please contact us for details.

A portable charger is built into a transport case that provides protection and storage of the transmitter and receivers between events. This transport case is small enough to be carried as hand luggage onto aircraft, making it ideal for interpreters who travel internationally.

A range of simultaneous interpretation system packages are available.

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