Tourtalk TT 40 System

Tourtalk TT 40 is a portable short-range wireless system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to an audience. The presenter speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the audience use lightweight receivers to hear the message.

Tourtalk is designed to be very easy to use and operates up to a distance of 120 metres. This one-way radio communication system enables the presenter to speak at a comfortable level to the audience whilst ensuring they are clearly heard. Up to 12 transmitters can operate simultaneously within the same environment to a limitless number of receivers.

The transmitter

The presenter uses a transmitter and either speaks into the integrated microphone, connects the supplied lapel microphone, or connects another audio device e.g. mp3 player, to communicate with the audience. The audio message is then transmitted on a specific channel (frequency) in the form of radio waves to the receivers.

The receiver

The audience members use a receiver to convert the radio signal back to audio. Each person is supplied with a receiver set to the same channel (frequency) as the presenter. The user simply connects an earphone to hear the message and adjusts their volume to a comfortable level.

The charger

Both the transmitter and receivers are supplied with a lanyard and clothing clip to enable hands-free use. Each unit operates on a single AA battery. Either Alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries can be used. A charger/transport case provides protection and secure storage for the units between tours.

Popular applications for Tourtalk systems include:

Guided Tours
Audio Description
Hearing Support
Command Training
Simultaneous Interpretation
Silent Conferences

The Tourtalk TT 40 system can be operated licence-free anywhere within Europe.

A wide range of accessories are available for the system to suit each application.

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